2023: Sen. Prince Otu Seeks Support For Ayade. Says It Is Too Early For Politics

As the race for who succeds governor Ben Ayade constinues to dominate political discuss in Cross River State. One of those tipped as possible succesor to the governor and former senator in the 7th senate, Prince Bassey Otu has called on Cross Riverians to rather channel their energies towards praying and supporting the governor to succeed.

He said despite the little resources that comes to the state, the governor has continued to ensure he impacts all parts of the state with one developmental project or the other.

The former lawmaker barred his mind shortly after the Odukpani unity rally organized by the Odukpani chapter of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Reacting for the first time to those calling to know his next poltical moves. He said ” the future belongs to God and it is only god who gives power. We don’t know who will be there tomorrow, but what we know is that we must continue to support the governor in anyway possible to ensure that he succeeds.

“The early political activities is for me, a distraction to the governor, I believe that we have a proper government in place and that government will be there for a longtime. So for now, we must support the government to succeed. When it gets to the time of politics, it will be announced and people will come out with their ambitions. But for now, that shouldn’t be it”

On the success of the APC rally in Odukpani the former lawmaker said “today happens to be one of the happiest days in my life. Because I have seen friends and brothers who I have not seen in a long while. Because of political reasons, we were afraid to associate with each other. Now we can all come together as one. It is important to note that Odukpani has never taken a back seat in the state politics and we won’t start now.

He also expressed hope that the LGA stands a chance of enjoying the best now that it has socketed to the center.

“it is in this APC government that we had the opportunity to have the head of civil service of the federation, we have an ambassador, chairmen of boards among others. So now that we are all together, we will have even more”

He called for unity among party faithfuls, reiterating the position of the party leadership in the state that, all members whether new or old will be given equal opportunity to excel.

Among those present at the rally were the LGA chairman, Hon. Justina Edem, the Nigerian ambassador to Uganda, Etubom Nya Asuquo, lawmakers and state exco members from the local government area.

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