World Bank Blacklists A.G. Vision Construction Ltd, 17 Other Nigerian companies over corrupt practices.

September 15, 2021

The World Bank has blacklisted Ag Vision Construction Ltd, and 17 other Nigerian companies in its efforts to strengthen institutions and fight against corruption.

This was disclosed by the global lender in a new report titled World Bank Group Sanctions System FY21.

The blacklisting according to World Bank follows allegation of corrupt deals, fraud and collusive practices against the said organizations, in its 2021 fiscal year.

It further stated that the debarments were made by the World Bank Sanctions Board, World Bank Chief Suspension and Debarment Officer and the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The debarments made by AfDB were recognised by the World Bank, making the affected firms to be barred under the cross-debarment policy.

World Bank Group’s David Malpass stated that the bank had granted over €156.67 billion to assist developing countries, as he emphasised the need for integrity and transparency standards in public finance.

“Since the beginning of the global pandemic, the World Bank Group has deployed more than €156.67 billion in critical assistance to developing countries. The crisis has required us to be rapid and innovative in mobilising this historic support.

“Yet, for these resources to have the needed development impact on the hundreds of millions of people who live in extreme poverty, we must ensure that resources are used efficiently, effectively, and for their intended purposes. And that means remaining vigilant to the scourge of corruption and ensuring that we promote the highest integrity and transparency standards in public finance,” Mr Malpass said.

He noted that some of the consequences of corruption could be devastating to people and their communities.

“The negative impacts of corruption on lives and livelihoods are well known. Corruption diverts scarce development dollars from the people who need them most and corrodes the systems and services that are integral for reducing extreme poverty,” Mr Malpass said.


Below are the Nigerian companies and individuals debarred by the World Bank…

  1. A.G. Vision Construction Nigeria Limited of Plot 348, J.C Obande close, Utako Abuja with owners Elie, Fadi and Tony Ghazaleh whose company was debarred for fraudulent practices and collusive practices for four years and six months. Other companies owned by same directors include J.S Vision Construction Nigeria Limited and Abuo Ghazaleh Construction Nigeria Limited all of Plot 348, J.C Obande Close, Utako Abuja.
  2. Swansea Tools Resources Swansea Tools Resources was debarred for fraudulent practices for two years and 10 months. The World Bank based on Sanctions Case No 651 noted that the company misrepresented its past experience in its bid for a road maintenance contract under state employment. It added that as a mitigating factor, the SDO considered the respondent’s limited cooperation with investigators, noting that the respondent produced documents and agreed to be interviewed but did not accept responsibility for the misconduct.
  3. Juckon Construction and Allied Services Nigeria Limited Juckon was debarred for corrupt practices for three years. According to the World Bank, the company made improper payments to a public official. The payment was made in connection with the award and/or execution of two waste management and refuse collection contracts under a state employment and expenditure project in Nigeria. It was debarred for a minimum of four years with conditional release.
  4. Unique Concept Enterprises owned by Ms Okafor Glory, Unique Concept Enterprises was debarred for five years. Also, its owner was debarred for four years for the same reason.
  5. Asbeco Nigeria Limited It was debarred for five years for corrupt practices. The matter also involved Glory and Unique Concept Enterprises was presented under Sanctions Case No 691 for submitting false documents in connection with two refuse collection disposal contracts under state employment and expenditure project in Nigeria. Also, the corporate respondent submitted a falsified income tax clearance certificate in its bids for the contracts. Both respondents were said to have submitted a falsified advance payment guarantee in connection with the execution of one of the contracts.
  6. Abou Ghazaleh Contracting Nigeria Limited The company and their owners; Mr Elie Abou Ghazaleh and Mr Fadi Abou Ghazaleh, were debarred by the World Bank for six months for compulsive practices.
  7. Salihu Tijani Although not included in the report, Tijani, who was recently debarred is a consultant for the National Social Safety Nets Project. He was debarred for 38 months for engaging in corrupt practices.

Other companies not mentioned have also been debarred by other multilateral organisations under cross-debarment. Debarred by AfDB for two years under cross-debarment recognised by World Bank

  1. Sangtech International Services Limited, Sangar & Associates (Nigeria) Limited
  2. Mashad Integrated And Investment Co Limited
  3. Medniza Global Merchants Limited
  4. ALG Global Concept Nigeria Limited Debarred by the AfDB for three years under cross-debarment recognised by the World Bank
  5. Abuharaira Labaran Gero
  6. Qualitrends Global Solutions Nigeria Limited
  7. Maxicare Company Nigeria Limited

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