2023: Do Not Vote Political Parties, Vote Individuals – Bishop Josef Bassey.

By Our Reporter

Presiding bishop, Gods Heritage Center, Calabar, Bishop Josef Bassey has cautioned Nigerians to jettison the idea of voting political party and rather vote for individuals who have good track record with potential of delivering good governance.

The Christian leader was speaking as one of the panelist on the role of religious leaders in politics at a Cross River Political Summit organized by FAD 93.1 FM a private radio station in Calabar.

“I do not subscribe to the ideology of collecting money from politicians and vote your conscience. My believe is that if you do not like a politician or do not believe in them, then reject their money and everything they represent and vote for the person you believe in.

“let me add also and I have said this repeatedly that I do not believe in political parties. So I will say do not vote political parties but vote individuals, because all of them are the same. They just keep moving from one party to the other”

On involvement of clerics in politics, the Bishop maintained that there was nothing wrong with that, as all Nigerians are entitled to the same right to participate in political activities.

He advised Nigerians to vote and ensure their votes counts by waiting behind until their votes are counted. “it is better to spend few hours in the cue on election day than wait for another 8 years of hardship” he said.

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