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Always, antecedent takes on its preferred candidate. Oft, one good turn deserves another. In view of the 2023 elections, the above portends that experience should be a yardstick for the selection of the party’s gubernatorial flag bearer which of course, would warrant the experienced working continuously towards effective representation and positive image making of Cross River state.

Fortunately, in our political climate, experience is also understood as the reflection of one’s capacity as public office holder. Track records of Hon. Usani Uguru Usani, illuminates on the three time commissioner of the State and a federal Minister, NDDC among other positions as a sellable candidate and appropriate option for the APC specifically for the gubernatorial race.

Among the many challenges of the state, security is pivotal to any state. Hon. Usani Uguru Usani, a well read fellow with Ph.D from the NDA can be held on trust to salvage our major insecurity problems. Emphatically, with him insecurity can be arrested, making it a tale of the past among others.

Howbeit, to our dear party the APC, adoption of leaders shouldn’t be akin to a kangaroo play or a sentimental show-off. It must be deliberate and taken with caution ensuring the delivery of dividends of democracy to the masses by the right candidate.

As there is no match to Hon. Usani Uguru Usani given the personalities involved in the race for the position of governor and as distinct as his credentials are, who among several things have fathered so many politically, the clamour for a better Cross River is on us and to achieve it, our call. We have the choice to make towards ensuring that the future doesn’t shed the same tears of the past.

Therefore, it is on this premise that all should consider Hon. Usani Uguru Usani for Governor, Cross River State by entrusting him with our vote of confidence for positive development and advancement of our State.


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