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Renowned Nollywood Actor, Segun Arinze Appreciates Black Wall Street For Partnering Voice-Over Artistes In Nigeria.

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Black Wall Street (BWS) Africa’s biggest platform for economic development has empowered Voice-Over Artistes in Nigeria by donating computer tablets to them.

The Association of Voice-Over Artistes in Nigeria led by renowned Nollywood actor & Voice-Over expert, Segun Arinze, received the donations on Monday from BWS Nigerian representative, Linda Ezenwankwo.

Charles Lambert’s Black Wall Street is a group of people, dedicated to liberating Africa from poverty, they are the engine of capital generation for the industrialization of the African continent.

Presenting the computer tablets, Ezenwankwo said the BWS Chairman was excited with the efforts of Voice-Over artists in Nigeria and the leadership of Segun Arinze, maintaining that BWS will always appreciate partnering with the group.

The BWS also encouraged the Voice-Over Artistes Association, saying that without them, the voice of the voiceless will not be heard.

While thanking BWS, Segun Arinze, promised to continue to partner with Black Wall Street in developing Africa.
He said, ” We will continue to partner with you in every way possible to make sure that we take the Black Wall Street and Redirect Mall to Africa and the world”.

The Black Wall Street through its platform, Redirect Mall, is to make sure Africans have easy access to goods produced by manufacturing companies in the continent.
With the redirect mall, Africans can trap the resources drained by “capital flight” and invest in African corporations to create more jobs for the people, thereby bringing industrialization to our doorsteps.

It also aim at developing economic fortunes of Africa continent by also empowering businesses and individuals through investments made on its platform.

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