Report lecturers asking for sorting – Unical SERVICOM Director, Prof. Egaga

…Says ban on indecent dressing to protect University’s image

By Jimmy Jackson 

Students of the University of Calabar, Cross River State have been urged to report lecturers asking for monetary compensation for marks, a practice known as sorting, to the SERVICOM directorate, assuring that such students are not at any risk.

The SERVICOM Director, University of Calabar, Prof. Patrick Egaga gave the assurance when he appeared in a special interview session at UNICAL Radio International on Thursday, April 13, 2023.

Prof. Egaga said SERVICOM had made some interventions and monies collected by lecturers from students were returned to those students.

He further stated that the University’s Senate Resolutions and Directives on the sale of books(s), monographs, writings etc., is that the UNIVERSITY BOOKSHOP remains the ONLY 

authorized outlet for the sale of books, monographs etc. 

“Sale or distribution of books or monographs etc. through proxies, cronies,class Reps, pseudos, in and or around classrooms, offices and parks is disallowed,” he said.

Prof. Egaga, while reacting to the ban on indecent dressing on campus, also explained that the decision was to help safeguard the image of the institution and also to serve as a model to society. 

SERVICOM Directorate banned indecent dressing among students and staff of the university, and the directive takes effect from Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

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