In Reaction To Spurious Attempt Against Senator Prince Otu.

The attention of Concerned Friends of Senator Prince Bassey Edet Otu has been drawn to a juvenile and poorly scripted opinion, by a faceless and ignorant sprat, published by a little known blog, JUST News.

The writer of the opinion who had no balls to add a name to his koboless opinion also failed to get his facts straight. A clear case of yellow journalism.

Understandably, the faceless fellow stays in Lagos and have his pay masters in Calabar, armed with sheer ignorance, engaged in a fruitless journey with the aim of discrediting a man with towering public service credentials and intimidating followership in the person of Prince Bassey Edet Out.

For the benefit of doubt and in an effort to set the record straight, We the Concerned Friends of Prince Bassey Edet Out wishes to educate the fellow as follows;

  1. On Empowerment; Prince Otu record of empowerment remains unprecedented till date, ranging from allocation of lands with Certificate of Ownerships, accompanied with financial assistance to build, several job placements both at State, federal and private organizations, gift of Jeeps, trucks, buses, cars and tricycles to sponsorship of students in various academic fields both locally and internationally.

It is on record that the distinguished senator also provided grants for businesses, provision of engine boats, facilitated the construction of administrative block of Crutech (now UNICROSS), construction and furnishing of schools blocks, a clear proof of where the beneficiaries are, is the reason why Prince Otu is the most popular in the streets ahead of the forthcoming elections.

  1. On Ameachi And God Fatherism: For those that know Prince Otu, he is a senior citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, therefore, he is naturally connected to all the top brass of national politics across party, ethnic and religious lines and as such needs no Godfather to be Governor of Cross River State. As we are all aware, his position regarding his political future has always been LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE.

Distinguished Prince Otu believes totally in the leadership of of Cross River State and cannot depend on another State to become governor being a true son of the soil

  1. On His Health: The very distinguished Prince Otu enjoys very sound and divine health and will continue to do so as long as the creator of the Universe permits, as no one has powers over health and life.

Senator Otu is both capable and healthy, there is no known health challenge or bad critical health record of him in any hospital anywhere in the world and to say the least the senator have been very much around attending meetings, ceremonies and interacting with his people. Again the writer who is Lagos based and clearly armed with ignorance either did not get his facts right from his pay master or he is being excellently a poor propagandist.

  1. On Marriage: Senator Otu & Mrs Bassey Otu, as legally provided were both differently divorced and went their separate ways with their previous spouses without any disagreement As fate would have it, love found them together and they legimately married with the blessings and consent of their both parents. There was never a time that prince Otu was entangled in any of those tales by moonlight, talkless of any boss relationship.

This is the height of mischief, we challenge the writer to publicly back his falacy with evidence if he has any or forever remain silent.

  1. Senator Prince Bassey Otu has always won all his elections, we all know the daylight robbery of the mandate, given to him by his people.

Indeed, if there is any aspirant Cross Riverians want today, it is Senator Prince Bassey Edet Otu, the one they all call “ Sweet Prince”, if there is any aspirant the churches are praying for today it is Senator Prince Bassey Edet Otu.

The faceless writer and his incorrigible colleagues should be dismissed as Jokers, promoters of hate and one of those attention seekers who should never be taken seriously.

Finally, it is instructive to note that this reply is a responsibility we have taken on our own, as we owe distinguished Senator Prince Bassey Otu a duty to speak on his behalf having been given fish and also taught how to fish by him.

For we know that, left for him in his usual character of forgiveness and allowing sleeping dogs to remain in their state, he would not respond.

While we appreciate fact based constructive criticism, we will however, be ready to counter every iota of fabricated lies, baseless and erroneous opinions from the pit of hell.


Barr. Ekpenyong Akiba

Amb. Awatt Caleb

For Concerned Friends Of Prince Otu

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