Again, Emana Meets Akpabuyo PDP Delegates. Reassures Them Of Her Commitment To Be A Better Representative.

By Our Reporter

Lady Emana Duke Amawhe, a house of representatives aspirant for Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar south federal constituency has reassured delegates of Akpabuyo from the People’s Democratic Party of her commitment to effectively represent the people as well as bargain for better deals when elected.

The PDP primaries for federal house of representatives is due for this Friday May 20, 2022.

Lady Emana who is a renowned television broadcaster and also a crisis management expert has since her declaration to represent the federal constituency continued to gain more support from different political groups and individuals.


According to some of the delegates who spoke with this paper, they emphasized on the need to have effective and better representation, a situation they say will be different from what they currently have.

At the meeting, Lady Emana, an indigene of Akpabuyo LGA who is also a prominent member of the Obong of Calabar Executive Forum, maintained that she will turn around the fortunes of young people from the federal constituency if elected.

“They keep asking, can anything good come out of this federal constituency and I said yes. I am one good thing that has come out from here and there are many more. I feel pained seeing children sit in the floor to learn. I came back on my own to contribute to our community. I came back to establish a farm. But I have realized that we do not even have light, no access road, some many issues that are not even supposed to be.

These are the things we intend to stop, so as to make life a bit more comfortable for our people. This is why I am contesting this election, this why I am seeking your support” she said.

On what she intends to achieve when elected, the renowned broadcast journalist said
“Akpabuyo has been marginalized for too long. Well I am not a career politician. But there are some who have remained in a particular position for too long and even if they leave, they will make sure their children take over from them. They will fix their people there and will not even think of the ordinary people. But I am different and will ensure whatever is up there is made available for everyone at the end of the day. We will never discriminate against anyone, including those who voted for me and those who did not.

“That is why In my campaign I do not talk about people, I talk about issues. I do not have time to talk about people because I am too focused on winning this election” she said.

Apart from being an important asset to Cross River State, Lady Emana Duke has been severally recognized by both national and international organizations for her humanitarian role in helping vulnerable children and women in Nigeria.

It is believed by many that, her candidature and eventual emergence as the house of representatives member for Akpabuyo, Bakassi and Calabar south federal constituency will be of great asset to the state.

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