By Victor Archibong

Notable women in the annals of Nigeria’s History, has from time immemorial, fought for the inclusion of women in governance vis-a-vis their emancipation from Political slavery and bias.

The struggle has continued to the times of Late Funmilayo Ransome Kuti. A popular Political activist, well known for her struggles for the emancipation of women, girls, from the shackles of gender-related vices, chauvinistic attacks and entrenching a full scale inclusion of women in the day-to-day running of the affairs of the Nation.

She led the struggle that saw the first appointment of women in Government in 1940. It was recorded that in her time, it was unheard of, that anyone would deny a woman any opportunity that’s due her. She also led many advocacy programs for the betterment of women fold and the society at large.

The personality of Amb. Barr. NKOYO TOYO can be likened to that of Funmilayo Ransome Kuti. NKOYO TOYO has continued to be around the affairs of Cross River State Government and governance since her university days till her eventual involvement in Politics. She has held many positions, with which she has used in strengthening the need to involve more women in Politics, provide an unbiased platform for them to aspire for Political positions alongside their male counterparts.

Her workaholic nature, love and passion for service saw her to the echelon, when, she was appointed as an Ambassador. A position she held meritoriously and adroitly to the admiration of many Nigerians. She has single handedly lunched programs that would uplift the Nigerian women from poverty, which has made the male folks to look down on them, or see them as second fiddles in the ranks of Leaderships.

Just like the late Margaret Ekpo, Barr. NKOYO TOYO has attracted many laurels due to her aggressive involvement in humanitarian services. She is the voice of many women in the state and the globe. Her activities as a private lawyer, has also salvage and brought Justice to the downthroden, particularly those who do not have someone to fight for them. She has given hope to many people.

Her interest and desire to lead the people of Cross River State as Governor is truly timely, as it is clearly the time to allow for equity, competency and selfless personality, like her to man the plumb job.

Just as the 2022 theme for the celebration of the International Women’s Day, reads: “BreakTheBias”, Barr. NKOYO TOYO should be given the mandate to entrench this global outcry of women, who have burning desires to man Apex position of Leaderships across the globe.

The coming of Amb. NKOYO TOYO will truly be an enthronement of the desired Leader, who has the blueprint to consolidate and refurbish the State to enviable heights.

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