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Black Wall Street Allocates 1,000 slots of Upap to struggling families

By Ike Uche

The original Black Wall Street stock known as UPAP which pays $100 per month in dividends has been allocated to Lechi, a service under the Periodic Income Pillar of Compassionate Capitalism which helps struggling families have acess to a sponsor to provide the bridge required to cross over to economic independence.

This unprecedented service which is accessed through the Periodic Income App will begin with 1,000 families getting $100 every month from the BWS and after three months another set of 1,000 families will take over until tens of thousands of African families have received the bridge to cross over to economic independence.
Black Wall Street is the engine of capital generation for the industrialization of the African continent and the leader of Africa’s first Economic war for Economic Independence.
Black Wall Street was resurrected in Africa after 100 years of destruction by Racist Capitalists in the US by the innovator and creator of Compassionate Capitalism, King Charles N Lambert.

Africans from all over the world are looking up to BWS to usher the continent to the next level.
Commenting on how he intends to deal with the issue of China in Africa since the Chinese seem to be colonizing Africa all over again, Mr Charles N Lambert had this to say:

“We will meet China at the natural resources level as that is their interest for now. I am preparing us to be in the position of paying more for Africa’s natural resources than the Chinese will ever be willing to pay. Paying more is a force that will make China behave in Africa forever. Africafirst”.

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