BREAKING: Former Niger Delta Affairs Minister, Usani Usani Escape Assassination In Calabar.

By Our Reporter

Pastor Usani Uguru Usani, a former Niger Delta Affairs Minister narrowly escaped the assassin’s bullet in Calabar.

The incident happened at his residence within the State Housing Estate in Calabar while the former Minister was driving out of his house to catch a flight to Abuja.

The assailants, armed with short guns concealed in an envelope and numbering about 7, had positioned themselves in strategic locations around the street leading to the premises of Pastor Usani according to our sources.
They however could not carryout their evil plan as the former Minister’s vehicle outsmarted the hoodlums.

Pastor Usani confirmed the incident to The Parchment in a telephone conversation this morning, he said his driver was quick to outsmart the assailants and speedily drove away.

“ We were able to outsmart them by the grace of God and quickly drove away before they could carryout out their plan. I give God all the thanks” he said.

An aide of the former Minister, Mr. Ofem Bassey also narrated the ugly experience, according to him,
“ a group of about seven young guys, positioned themselves in a manner, nobody ever suspected anything. A vehicle was parked outside the former APC State Secretariat by Marian Road, Calabar, with two guys standing close-by, while another person was inside handling the steering. Two other guys were seen close to the minister’s gate who were mistaken for some of his supporters as each time he is in Calabar his house is always besieged by his supporters. The other two stood by the entrance of a newly built luxury hotel close to his street.

“What foiled their attempt was that, unknown to the assailants, some of the persons by the former Minister’s gate were plain cloth security agents and his security conscious supporters.

“immediately the two suspected assailants approached and attempted to pull out a gun, the security men and supporters resisted them and raised alarm that made the assailants take to their heels immediately”

The attempt on the former Minister life is suspected to be politically motivated, as he is rumored to be nursing a governorship ambition. This paper count not however confirm where the attack could be coming from.

Another aide told our reporter “ this has political undertone, given his (Usani) charming political disposition and wide support base across the state and the country as a whole”

This paper also learnt that the state police command has been briefed and may open investigation on the matter.

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