COMMUNITY REPORT: How Reps Member, Eta Mbora, Fed. Controller Of Works, Bassey Nsetip Frustrated Enima Onim Omin Community, Neglected Calls To Checkmate Contractor.

By Our Reporter

Member house of representatives, Hon. Eta Mbora and the Cross River State federal controller of works has been accused of failing to carryout a proper reconstruction of the Old Adiabo road, Ikpai Omin, along 8miles road, Calabar.

The group, under the umbrella, Enima Omin Omin Neighborhood Association accused the contractor, Cholaina Nigeria limited of poor handling of the road, raising alarm that the job has not been done to specification.

This is not the first time Hon. Eta Mbora would be accused of facilitating very poor handling of road construction, with companies that lack capability.

Two years ago, the lawmaker was also accused of facilitating the poor construction of Mbora street, along IBB/Eta Agbor road. The poor road construction led to several accidents, causing permanent disabilities and left at least one dead, due to reckless abandonment of some portions of the road.

Hon. Eta Mbora

The contractor was alleged to have been out of business for years with no known address as at the time of award of contract. Two years after, some portions of that road is still left abandoned. Though this paper could not verify that.

A letter written by Enima Omin Omin Neighborhood Association, dated 15 March 2021 and signed by its chairman, Barr. David Edem and Secretary, Barr. Raymond Ekpang, addressed to the federal controller of works, Cross River State, Engr. Bassey Nsetip and obtained by this paper, was bluntly ignored.

The Letter

Mr. Nsetip has been accused of sabotaging several road construction in the state. Many communities have described him as a massive failure and one who does not seek the good of the state.

Last March, some youths from Odot and other adjourning communities in Okoyong, Odukpani LGA, accused Mr. Nsetip of frustrating their efforts and failing to compel contractors handling the Odukpani portion of the Calabar-Itu road to do a good Job. The youths numbering sever hundreds protested at the site of the contractor, Sermatech Nigeria Limited, calling for an outright sack or redeployment of Mr. Nsetip from the State.

In a protest letter, addressed to the federal controller of works in the state, Barr. David Edem rejected any road construction that will be carryout without a good drainage system.

“We wish to state categorically that if the construction of the road, does not include the construction of a good drainage network to evacuate to volume of water from the said road, them they should discontinue the project and allow us to manage the road in it’s old state that cause more problem for us with the reconstruction of the road without a drainage network and poorly constricted road below all know acceptable standard” the letter read.

To absolve himself, Hon. Eta Mbora, last year, quickly gathered some bloggers and denied the allegation.

“Before now, some concerned stakeholders of the community have raised the alarm over the fraudulent activity of the company. I can assure them that efforts are on to redress the abnormally…

“After inspecting the Old Adiabo road, I feel very sad on its terrible state and has personally reported the matter to the office of the Minister of Works in Abuja and other relevant MDAs urging them to compel the contractor to return to site and quickly redress the anomaly before issuing certificate of completion to process any payment.” The lawmaker had said.

Over six months after the statement, Hon. Mbora is yet to make any major move towards addressing the issue.

Currently, members of the Enima Omin Omin Neighborhood Association are involve in mobilizing their members to fix the bad portions of the road, as well as construction of the drainage network.

“ the existence of the company, Cholaina Nigeria limited is suspicious and their capability in doubt” a resident of the community told our reporter.

It is unclear why a company which was registered as recent as 2018, with no known evidence of carrying out a delicate and complicated road rehabilitation as that Old Adiabo, could be awarded the contract.

A simple CAC registration search raises suspicion over the existence of the company. For example, while the address on their billboard at the site indicates the company address to be somewhere around the Lekki area of Lagos state, a simple google check proves their address to be located at 5 Adenira Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos state.

In 2021, Eta Mbora was rated by renowned legislative rating organization, The Order Paper, as one of the worse performing legislators in the national assembly with only 3 bills despite 8 years sojourn in the lower house of the national assembly. The lawmaker is rumored to be seeking a return to the house in 2023.

Residents and community members now resolve to self help, raising money to buy materials and pay workers to ameliorate the damage done by the contractors. So far, the association have constructed three drainage network to handle the volume of water in the community.

Some self help work by the community

An FOI sent to the federal Controller of works in the state, Bassey Nsetip was not answered. Several calls made to his phone number was left unanswered.

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