Cross River State 2023 Gubernatorial Election: Natural Justice and The Attempt By Few To Fight The Cosmic.

By Richard F. Inoyo

Each time, I speak or write about Cross River State, I do such with so much self-awareness, personal-introspection, community-consciousness with reference to history. And this is so because, Cross River State isn’t just any State, first its Capital, Calabar isn’t a creation of the British and Cross River remain a people whose transversing river predates both the incursion of the Brits and existed long before the formation of Nigeria.

Of a truth, it takes deep understanding and humility to realise that, Cross River State isn’t just like the other States. Cross River State is first in many ways, from being the first capital, to being the State with the first branch of the first ever bank built in the Country, to becoming the State with the first ever Printing Press that was established in Nigeria in 1846 by the Presbyterian Church, and not to skip the fact that Cross River State holds a unique place in the hearts and souls of the Nigerian military as the place where the first ever bullet was fired during the Nigerian Civil War, and signalling the battle to either keep the country one or balkanize same. The list goes on and on, and this tells only one thing, that these unique historical occurrences couldn’t have been made possible except there were some divine power and cosmic force above men guiding her affairs and placing her first in many ways.


With the advent of the 4th democratic dispensation in 1999, what we saw was the flow of a new kind of universal protocol from the cosmic on the Cross River affair starting from Donald Duke from Southern Cross River; Liyel Imoke from Central and Ben Ayade from the North, which suggest a direct reminder that there has always been a cosmic force albeit wrestling against this undeniable universal order from mere mortals from time immemorial, guiding the leadership projectile of Cross River State and the Crossriverian affair.

Now let’s chart into the hard terrain of history and the arrays of powerful messages it sends therein.

5 years ago in 2017 long before the debate on zoning in Cross River State got to this level, a video hit the data dependent world of the internet from the staple of Channels TV’s Hard Copy, a program anchored by Maope Ogun, where the Nigerian political public saw the two-time governor of Cross River State, Mr. Donald Duke in defence of his action to run for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the flag of the SDP said “I have never subjected myself to zoning”. In explicit terms, he was of the view that his rise to power didn’t occur as a result of zoning, rather, he fought long and hard to undo his opponents from other zones of the state who wrestled against him for the position of governship between 1999 – 2007.

It is chronologically true and unchallengeable that Donald Duke had contenders from other zones of the State during his quest for power, and that the political contest was tough, and that he had to strategize and engage his best of initiatives to clench to power.


But one major thing, our revered governor who placed Cross River State on the global tourism map and made Cross River State the warmest destination, missed out in all of his historical reference to the fact that he didn’t rise to power through the working of zoning is that, his ascension to power had not only a divine touch but also signals the continuity of the ever present, longstanding intervention of the cosmic on Cross Riverian affair, only that during his time up till his departure from power_ that continuity entered a new dimension which sets a new natural order of rotational justice in unstoppable motion, and this terrestrial truth got reiterated not only in scale and scope by the fact that Liyel Imoke, with all the political, health and spiritual battles he went through and contended with, he came out healthier, stronger and outlived some of his adversaries.

And Liyel Imoke, either by political generosity or miscalculated politicking, or whatever construct you might explore in describing his moment of power transition out of Peregrino House; gave way to the emergence of a northern senator, Ben Ayade who became the governor of the State in May 29, 2015.

The facts as we know it is that, some of us have not been so pleased with the institutional and administrative work-quality and ethics of Ben Ayade and his dossier, but regardless how you twist it or confront it or explain it, one thing has been certain and recurrent from Donald Duke from the South; Liyel Imoke from Central; and Ben Ayade from the North, that it was no coincidence that there was a natural flow from South-to-Central-to-North, and that the cosmic has always guided the Cross Riverian Affairs.

For the aforementioned reasons, I can categorically tell you, that the cosmic isn’t asleep and her commitment to lay to waste the devices of mere mortals who seek to fight the cosmic and derail natural order and sequence that would sustain rotational justice is ever strong. As ancient Egyptians would say, “mortals can neither defeat the cosmic nor do the undoable”.

Today, if you look at historical pattern and events leading to it, it is easier to profess that Back-To-South is alive, daringly and even more powerful than ever before, not because humans said so, but because, it is a product of the cosmic with some natural force too invincible to contend with; and this comes with some subtle assurance that humans (both those in favor of it or against it for whatever reasons) are only but working either in error or in wisdom to accomplish it and the geopolitical justice its natural orderliness and cosmic guidance bring.

Richard F Inoyo is the
Editor at Justice Movement, he writes from Calabar.

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