Failed Impeachment: Ayade’s Dep. Chief Of Staff, Esin, Iyadim Fingered In Bakassi Legislative Illegality.

By Our Reporter

In a gestapo style, devoid of all democratic procedures, some serving councilors in Bakassi Local Government Area today staged a failed impeachment process against the leader of the legislative arm of the council, Hon. Emmanuel Michael Effiong.

Bakassi LGA has 10 council wards. Out of the 10 councilors, 6 of them recently decamped to the APC while the other 4 remained with the PDP.

Those who carries out the purported impeachment are members of the ruling All Progressives Congress.

According to legislative staffs of the council who spoke with The Parchment on condition of anonymity, he described what happened today at the council as a “gang rape of our democracy”

Our sources say the councilors had boasted that they were acting on the instruction of the governor, Ben Ayade through the Chairman of council, Hon Iyadim Iyadim and the deputy Chief of Staff to the governor, Hon. Ani Esin.

Hon. Iyadim has been notorious as one of the poorly performed chairmen in the state.

The councilors who sat outside the usual legislative hall, apart from failing to make up the two-third majority of rhe entire house, was also reported to carry out the illegal impeachment without the authentic mace of council which is the symbol of authority.

“apart from that, where did they get the mace? I am the leader of the house and the mace is always in the custody of the sergeant at-arm. In this case, the sergeant of arms was at that illegality. So where did they get the mace from? Hon. Emmanuel Michael asked.

According to Hon. Emmanuel “ it is the leader that issues the warrant to sit and then the clerk issues the notice of sitting within 24 hours before the sitting day. Was all of that process carried carried out? The answer is no. What they have done is an illegality and will not stand. This is not a party thing, it is a legislative business and you must have the required number of members before you can do anything”

He also accused the APC councilors of severally refusing to attend sittings despite several efforts made.
“Even us, we have been calling for meetings and they will not come. So because we are 4, when we come they will not show up and because we are not up to 5 to form a quorum we will not sit. Each time we call for a meeting, they will say that there is insecurity and use that excuse to stay away. But now, they came out to talk about impeachment.

“The same people have been collecting our legislative votes the last one which was N1.5 million. The legislative vote which is supposed to come every month but comes just once in 4-5 months. They will share it among themselves but we are not worried. What we will challenge is this illegality”

Several attempts to speak with the Chairman of Bakassi council was not successful as calls sent to his phone was left unanswered.

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