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Lilong Energy Medicine Launches In Calabar. Promises Solution To All Health Challenges

By Our Reporter

One of the worlds leading sustainable health promoters has launched it’s products in Calabar, the Cross River State capital.

The Chinese company which became the leader in energy medicine in 2015, started operation in Nigeria in January 2021.
According to them, their mission is to build a community of healthy and wealthy energy medicine ambassadors and to enrich the society through investors teamwork business model.

An International Business Product, Lilong coded “Live young, Live Long” also lunched it Far-Infrared Spectrum Energy. A room that takes Care of 36 diseases in the body system in the likes of constipation, fatty liver, low black pain, high blood pressure, hepatitis and diabetes, insomnia, Body odour amongst others.

The machine penetrate up to 3 to 5 cm underneath the skin and act on deep tissues, activate water molecules and accelerate waste discharge in the body and also elevates the temperature of subcutaneous tissue just like th increases the oxygen content of blood and blood circulation.

The energy room, according to Mr. Von, Lilong Calabar coordinator “After being electrified and hearted, the heating plate can generate the bionic far infrared ray which is easily absorbed by human body, which has the same effect as the far infrared ray in the band of sunlight,
“Human body is also an object that can both emit and absorb infrared ray effectively and turn the infrared ray thermal energy into its own inner energy,

“When the human body centers the far- infrared spectrum energy bucket /room, the two rays ‘striking infrared ray and that of human body’ will reinforce each other, hence the thermal effect in the body will be more strengthen ”

“Lilong Far- infrared spectrum energy product are made of hemlock and cedar wood imported from Canada, it is selected from the virgin forest an altitude of more than 2000 meters in western Canada. The age of the tree is more than 100 years, it is the tree that King Solomon used to built temple in Jerusalem”.

“in human when you have improper blood circulation in the body, your immune system is low and there are toxics in your body, but when you enter this machine, it will clear all the diseases to bring your body to normal again”

He called on all residents in Calabar and beyond to take advantage of the opportunity the products affords to treat all their health complications.

Mr. Von said those who have health challenges can reach him via 08073448773 or come to their Calabar office located within Tourist Castle Hotel along MCC road before the timber market, Calabar.

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