Massive Protest Rocks 8Miles Market, As Women Blocks M/M Highway.

By Our Reporter

The Murtala Mohammed highway is currently blocked by market women who sales within the old market, 8miles Calabar.

The women numbering over three hundred blocked the highway around Agrofeed junction close to the Army checkpoint.

They are demanding the authorities to allow them return back to their main market which is the 8miles market.

They accused a certain ‘Boy O Boy’ who initiated their illegal removal from the 8miles market to Ikot Eneobong market.
The women said the are unable to sale at the Ikot Eneobong market because of high taxation, several ticket payments and bad road network.

According to the women, they pay as much as N40,000 for a space and yet unable to makes sakes because of the bad road leading to the market.
“ they sent us away from our main market that it was a community land. In 2007, the wife of late President, Ya’adua came here and commissioned this 8miles market for us to sale fruits and all manner of items. Why are they now sending us away from here to a place where you do not even have access road. This is what we will not accept” One of the leader, told our reporter.

They also accused the chairman of Calabar municipality, Hon. Effefiong Nta of conniving with the said Boy O Boy to frustrate them.

The women vowed to remain on the road until their demands are met.

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