Meet Amb. Soni Abang.

In 1999, Amb. Soni Abang was elected Chairman of Boki Local please Government Council under the platform of the PDP. A refined and charismatic Politician, a phenomenal reformist, a bridge builder and loyal patriot. He is a true reflection of what audacity, resoluteness, resourcefulness and creativity are all about. Due to his leadership and result-oriented qualities, he was persuaded to resign his position as Local Government Chairman in order to head the party as State Chairman.

In 2001, when he became Cross River State PDP Chairman, The opposition, All Progressives Party (APP) had the majority in the State House of Assembly with 13 members and the Speaker of the House. The PDP, had just 11 members in the State House.


Through Chief Soni Abang’s intervention, majority of the opposition members of the House, defected to the PDP, and by 2003 PDP had an absolute control of the House with 25 members.

At the national assembly, in 1999, the PDP only had 3 House of Reps members and 2 Senators. But by 2004, everybody had become PDP. Amb. Soni Abang was able to pursue and built the political family into a very cohesive unit.

Due to his overwhelming successes in leadership, he was reappointed as State Party chairman to serve for a second term. In his second term, Chief Soni Abang laid the political foundations and structures which has endured over 20years and counting.

14 years after, Chief Soni Abang’s record as Party chairman is unbroken and is still remembered for his towering impacts in the establishment of the Cross River State political structures.


With his excellent records in public service, he was appointed the Nigeria Ambassador to Mali. A position he served meritoriously.

Amb. Soni Abang is an accomplished businessman, academic, diplomat, teacher, public servant, farmer and politician. He is an economist, International relations and strategic studies specialist. He also served on the Board of Federal Capital Development (FCDA).

For Amb. Soni Abang, Leadership means duty, honour and country. It means character, and it means listening from time to time. His passion is human capacity building with particular interests in youths

His choice as Director General of Sen. Prince Bassey Otu campaign organization is a master stroke as he comes with his wealth of experience and expertise as one of Cross River State’s greatest political authority.

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