Meet Joel Emmanuel, Real Estate Guru Who Promises Cross Riverians Land From As Low As Fifty Thousand Naira.

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Mr. Joel Emmanuel has years of experience in the real estate sector. Though a civil engineer, he said his voyage into the real estate world is one that he really appreciates.

He told The Parchment in his office in Calabar that his desire to build for real estate companies led him into the world of real estate business and management.

Mr Joel who currently sits as PWAN Business Development Manager in Cross River State, administering the acquisition and management of over eight estates across the state in just a little over a year since they began operations, does not look like a man who is satisfied yet despite such achievement.

He told our reporter that his desire is to assist in addressing the myraids of issues that arise in the process of acquiring land, as well as provide opportunity for more people to become wealthy through land banking.

“As a person I have been involved in so many Property/housing development projects including stadiums and erosion control projects. So when I found PWAN, initially I was just interested in building. I signed up as a partner, then attended seminars after which I researched about the company. When I found that not only could I build, but there was an opportunity where just about anybody can be involved in the business of trading real estate as a whole with the already created system of PWAN, I went all in”

Joel Emmanuel, PWAN Business Development Manager, Cross River State.

Speaking about the challenges of buying genuine properties without itches, Joel said “I originally and intentionally wanted to make it possible for a lot more people to buy property with ease having suffered myself from buying properties with the wrong people and loosing hard earned money. Money I earned after working so hard under hot sun. So I wanted to bring the concept and platform to Calabar my home base. But the opportunities I saw was more than that of land acquisition. I saw empowerment and many more.

“You see, PWAN is three things in one .It is a business, a ministry and an empowerment programme. Today I can boost of a number of families who have food on their table courtesy of the PWAN platform.

“I am glad today to look back and see the number of lives we have touched . The number of land owners we have made. All praise and glory to God. It wasn’t easy but today it is a reality. We do not just have estates in Calabar, we have eight estates within one year. Same Calabar I was told by so many people that orginised real estate can’t work in here.

Today we have more real estate organization trying to make their way down to Calabar because one man and a group of few people dared to believe it was possible to have real estate done in an organized way. By organized I mean stress free, with peace of mind”

When probed further to know the transparency level of the system, he said “Our system is different because you do not need to worry about agency fee, traditional rights, youths fee etc. We allow everyone to invest, go to sleep and wake up millionaires in a short period of time. Without worrying about whether or not the land would still be there for them or not .

In Calabar today, we are rated number one real estate organization because we have proven beyond doubt that property ownership can be easy. We are the leading real estate organization with organized and structured system in place from a very functional office to free site inspection, to well designed and available layout plans and offcourse reliable compensation systems not to forget an organized data system to manage clientel information. Very few companies have what we have. Very few”

On how how much a prospective client can invest, the real estate guru said, “With as low as 52,650 initial start up deposits, you can become a land owner in very choiced areas in Calabar. The vision is to make home ownership dream a reality for as many as possible within Africa and beyond”

Explaining the concept of land banking, Mr. Joel said “it is a system where you put money down in land with the intent of selling in future for a better return on investment”

According to him, it is “far more rewarding than putting your money in the commercial banks who would in any case do exact thing to pay you a little interest. Land appreciates almost daily. When you buy properties with us or say invest with us. We guarantee a return on investment like no bank can because you have direct access and control over your property and you can sell at any given point in time with no bottle necks to hold you down”

He called on Cross Riverians and Nigerians to take advantage of the opportunities available within the PWAN reals estate business and land banking and become millionaires.

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