My Message To The South and The Good People of Cross River.

By Richard F Inoyo

The happenings over the last 48hours have shown that delegates politics is an high-power financial capital bidding project where money over popularity and ideology of the aspirants is the main factor of consideration for what can be bluntly called political prostitutes which some of you mistook for delegates. And oil bunkering dollars flowing from Rivers State proved to be an extremely influential binder in dictating the outcome beside the division, split and uncombined finances in the south from multiple southern aspirants.

But the deed has been done and its ramifications have been quite expensive in terms of cost and the experiential reality it presents_ all southern aspirants lost out, sadly their combined total votes would have handed one of them victory if they had all agreed to stand behind one southern aspirant in campaign support and objective financing. But all that is gone now, and it is time to test the southern thinking and to see if those southern aspirants would look beyond party politics and defend the back to south mantra by rallying behind a southern candidate after long consultation.


The biggest betrayals of the back to south justice movement therefore, won’t be those impoverished political whores some of you dignified with the title of delegates, who sold their prostituting laps to a bidding puppet horse with funding from a oil dollar puppeteer far in Portharcourt and dash their conscience. Rather the unforgivable and unpardonable betrayals would be those southern aspirants that would now chose to abandon the struggle for southern power justice in the name of party politics and go ahead to become subservient and boyboy, girl-girl to a financially imposed central candidate foist on their throats by some disrespectful oil bunkering lousy man in Rivers State, not minding the facts that some of us have risked all we have and supported the back to south movement wholeheartedly at our own expense and using our intellectual resources to outline the debates and collaborate the danger of allowing a different outcome and the need to end the siege and control on southern fate being done by outsiders.

Hence, in the final analysis of my message to southern leadership and the great people of Cross River State, we must rethink our entire tactics and strategy; for a starter, empty delegates-financial determinant election outcome need not bind all free borns to become some corvee or studs or broodmares to some moneybag imposed injustice from Portharcourt, we must rise to talk to ourselves, put our divided past behind us and unite to defeat the oil bunkering dollar overlord pulling the strings from Rivers State.

In pursuit of this just cause and to prevent an outsider to decide the Cross Riverian fate, we must admit with all degree of consciousness that true, it never gets any easier, the question is what do we do next? stay continuously divided and fight among ourselves or unite and fight against the injustice? The south must now put its house together with unity as the first goal in sight and take the goodwill of our pro-south justice governor (even though I personally disagree with Ayade on other issues), and reach out to our ethical friends, dependable brothers and decent sisters in the north and central part of the state to defeat the injustice and make rubbish of the Rivers State Oil Bunkering Dollars. The message is simple, “Cross River isn’t for sales to Rivers, all free borns must undo the wrong that some prostituting delegates did”

Richard F Inoyo,
National Coordinator,
Southern Society Ethical and Justice Movement (SSEJM)

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