PDP Southern Ward Chairmen Visits Amb. Nkoyo Toyo. Describes Her As A True PDP Stalwart.

By Out Reporter

Ward chairmen of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP from the southern senatorial district of the state, today met with a former member of the house of representatives, Amb Nkoyo Toyo.

The ward chairmen under the auspices of Forum of Southern Senatorial District Ward Chairmen were led by the leader of the group Hon. Mbey Paulinus.

At the event, Hon. Paulinus who expressed appreciation to Amb Toyo for her efforts and support to the group and the party over the years said the purpose of the visit was part of their efforts at reviving and repositioning the party for greater success especially as the 2023 elections are fast approaching.

Responding, Amb. Nkoyo Toyo expressed delight to receive the forum and cautioned the ward chairmen to resist the temptation of allowing themselves to be manipulated by politicians for selfish gains.

The former Nigerian ambassador to Ethiopia who described herself as yeast, challenged the ward chairmen to make themselves relevant wherever they are.

“ I told myself longtime ago that I am a yeast, wherever I go to, I add value to that place. So you must also realize who you are even at the ward level that you are very powerful. You are the leader of your party in your ward. No one becomes member of the party at the national or state level. Everyone is a member of the party at the ward level, so you are the custodians of the party at the grassroots. So make yourself relevant”

Amb. Toyo who also stressed on the need to revive dues collection, called on members of the party at all level to go back to the issue of dues payments as a means of strengthening the party at the grassroot.

“Our party constitution says, you can only be a member of the party if you are paying your dues. So many people who say they are members of the party are not, because they do not pay their dues. We must begin to encourage people to pay dues so as to take the ownership of the party back to the people”

The former envoy also hinted saying,
“I am one who has always played politics of inclusion. I bring with me competence, emotional intelligence and wide networks. I do not talk about capacity, I talk about competence. Alot of those who talk about capacity do not have anything at the end. I have competences and I know I can deliver at any given time”

She emphasized on the need to protect the forest said. “we do not have oil right now as a state. But we have what is bigger than oil which is out forests. So we must protect it”

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