Re: No One Can Be More PDP Than Chief Soni Obache Abang.

When you engage a nobody with the opportunity to run a political organization, he goes great lengths to impress his employer.

Stepping on big toes of his employers opponents becomes a useful tool to validate his new found status and climb the ladder of relevance.

The above case can be said of one Joe Obi Bisong, who was brought of insignificance and made DG to Sandy Onor in 2018. Who through the help of Gov. Ben Ayade won the 2019 Central Senatorial seat. He has since assumed himself a leader and his master plan to make himself noticeable is to take on established personalities and drive the utter desperation agenda of his paymaster.

Their tendency to resort to mudslinging, outright defamation and falsehood with the open support of his principal is a clear indication of the lack of statesmanship and leadership ability.

His failed attempt to question and malign the truths as succinctly detailed by one of Cross River State’s political authority, H.E Amb. Soni Abang in his quest to be noticed is not only laughable but a butterfly who considers itself a bird.

While Chief Soni Abang speaks about the PDP as having a moral baggage in going against the zoning arrangement, what he didn’t add was that the utter desperation of Sen. Sandy Onor is what buried the PDP in the State. The issue of zoning in Cross River dates back to 1980 and Joe Bisong’s employer who has allowed desperation becloud his sense of reasoning has been an ardent fore-runner of zoning.

In 2014, after the fallout with Imoke, Sen Onor championed the zoning cause when he drove the governorship campaign of Prince Jeddy Agba

Today, Due to his inordinate ambitions, Sen. Onor is leading the choir on the campaign against zoning. Joe Bisong should rather pay attention to the bitterness, ethnicity and division his employer’s ambition has introduced to the now dead and buried PDP in Cross River State.

Anyone standing against zoning has no moral conscience and is repugnant to natural justice and fairness.

While they shamelessly display their desperation, it is important to remind Joe Bisong and his employer of the damage being done to Central Senatorial District of always trying to steal the turn of other senatorial districts. The good people of central deserve to take their turn after the South in a smooth transition devoid of rancor.

On the candidacy of most distinguished senator Prince Bassey Otu the facts speaks for itself, his credentials have long been made public, his content and character is ofcourse without blemish, i understand the fear of his political cloud and leadership pedigree have pushed you and all your desperate gangs to mischief, lies and insults.

With the concerns you raised, one will think you are lost in hallucinations. Obviously, desperation can turn even the wisest of men into foolishness.

We advice Joe Bisong to start looking for other ventures as 2023 is the end of the road for him and employer.


Barr. Ekpenyong Akiba

S.A Media To Sen. Prince Bassey Otu

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