Sen. Ita Giwa Preaches Love And Tolerance In New Year Message. To Begin Consultation On Zoning.

By Our Reporter

Former lawmaker, Sen. Princess, Florence Ita Giwa has charged Cross Riverians to be tolerant and show love to one another as we enter into a new year.

The respected leader, in a new year message called on Nigerians never to allow the challenges of the past deter them from forging ahead for a better Nigeria.

“2021 was a year that tested the limits of our endurance as Nigerians and democrats. The relentless assault on our institutions, security and economy was enough to bring down our collective resolve to stay together as one indivisible Nigeria, but thanks to God we are still standing regardless. As 2022 is upon us my earnest prayer is that we remain an indivisible strong united nation

“As Cross Riverians we have had our own fair share of vicissitudes and by God’s grace we have flourished. In my capacity as one of the political leaders in the state, I would like to prevail on Cross Riverians to continue to uphold the virtues of love and tolerance that has kept us above the petty but dibilitating squabbles that have bedeviled some other states in Nigeria”

On power rotation, Senator Giwa cautioned Cross Riverians to be devoid of ethnic bitterness as they continue to engage each other on the issue.

“ also counsel that the clamour for the rotation of power in the state be devoid of ethnic rancour and bitterness. The whole concept of power rotation was forged as a consusual arrangement between brothers and sisters. We should leave no room for mistrust and malice to set into the process.

“The year 2022 as crucial as it may be politically doesn’t need to breed bad blood among traditionally peace loving Cross Riverians. I believe that if we invoke the same spirit of love that has characterized our existence as a state since inception, 2022 will be remembered as the year when the seeds of greatness for Cross River State were planted” she said.

Meanwhile, Senator Ita Giwa will today begin a state wide consultation on the contentious issue of zoning.
The consultation, according to her which will be across party lines is to help seek the opinion of other leaders so as to avoid politics of bad blood already beginning to manifest among Cross Riverians.

According to Senator Giwa, the consultation will help create opportunity for those with divergent opinion on the contentious zoning issue to engage constructively across-board and to arrive at a decision that will be comfortable for all, as well as maintain the peace so far enjoyed in the state.

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