Senator Sandy Onor on Zoning and Competency.

By Richard Edem

Since activities for the 2023 elections began in full gear , politicians from every political party have been feeding us with all manner of stories. Some of them have tried to show how intelligent they are and others have told us how much money they have or are ready to throw around during the election. Some are talking to the people like headmasters as though we are their students. Others are telling us how they will transform Cross River State overnight.

The more interesting talk of all is the one of zoning or rotation of governorship. It is shocking that those who have since 1999 being preaching and practicing it in their local government areas are now talking a totally different thing .

I cannot understand for example why Senator Sandy Onor who introduced rotation or zoning in Etung local government area is singing a different music now. We have been told that when they were about to create new local government areas in the country, Southern Etung where Senator Sandy Onor hails from did not want join Northern Etung because they were afraid of domination. Senator Sandy Onor convinced his people that if they become part of Etung local government area rotation of local government Chairman and State House of Assembly will go by rotation from ward to ward , not minding population or competence of any individual. is why in Etung local government since 1999 no ward , no matter how big or small has taken more than one chance.

This mean that in Etung Senator Sandy Onor preach and support rotation or zoning. There is no competency in Etung but in the State he is talking of competency. I Etung that people fight and kill themselves in their election that thing of rotation or zoning has actually brought peace and calmness because everyone is been carried along. This mean that the argument of peace through rotation or zoning is stronger than competency because where there is no peace there is no development. No competent person can bring development when there is no peace.

Anyway how can we know who is a competent person ? Is it good english or money or even if a person is sponsoring a candidate? This is to say if somebody is sponsoring me does it make me competent? We have been following Senator Sandy Onor since he started to campaign. All he is talking is big english.

He has never told us how he is going to solve the problems of Cross River State. All we are hearing is competency, no rotation , I am very intelligent, I am Professor , I got Ph.d at the age of 27. I am Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria. All this things will not change our State. Obama is not a professor but he worked well. He did not speak big english too. He never praise himself.

Senator Sandy Onor we already tired of your ego and pride. The way you are talking nowthat you are not governor when you become governor no person can ever talk to you or near you. You are too proud and arrogant. Period.

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