The Logic and Reality of the Low Hanging Fruits in Cross River State.

By Hon. Daniel Asuquo (Dansuki)

The problem of making democratic dividends to reach every Cross Riverian has been a teething problem. Since the advent of democracy, the leaders have strived to make implement one policy thrust or another aimed at driving the machinery of governance and sustaining such for the delivery of dividends.

No matter how true and sincere these intentions have been, there is always a lacuna begging to be attended to. These are my areas of interest. Our expectations sometimes dwarf our appreciation of the reality and the opportunities therein.

These hidden opportunities are the low-hanging fruits that we are allowing to almost go bad. Our consolation is in the regenerative nature of the low-hanging fruits.

The projects of the previous administration and the Ayade’s administration are not stand-alone. This is the plain truth. It doesn’t need rocket science to explain this. Let’s walk through them as a reminder. Duke – Tourism and Agriculture, Imoke – Rural Development, and Ayade – Agro-industrialization.

Looking at these thematic areas by these administrations, there are correlations. Many will want to argue about tourism but the truth is, our tourism then and now is multifaceted. Ecotourism, Agrotourism, etc has always made us unique. Every aspect of our state is tourism, we breathe and live it.

There is nowhere in the world that reflects tourism more than we do. In language, we are there. So strange and tourism blended is our situation that a community in the state has a natural language where men and women speak differently from each other but with intelligibility. Where else can you find this?

In Agriculture, the three administrations are in sync. This is our current oil well, and we must take glorious advantage of it. We understand the challenges of land preparation in the state. It’s a major challenge but it is not irredeemable.
We are not waiting to get to the bridge because we are already crossing it.
We have to deepen our engagements in Agriculture in production, processing, and sales.

We have all that it takes to be the force to be reckoned with. I said it and I am saying it again,
each senatorial district shall have a processing hub and it will be in the area of comparative advantage. You can’t cultivate beniseed in the south for instance and expect a good result.

These won’t be standalone activities of government when the major stakeholders, Cross Riverians are not consulted and involved. We have to change the current dynamics.

Nothing gives any government or leader happiness that the citizens, the masses are meaningfully engaged.
They have what to do and what to eat. They can fend for themselves. Society is working, then there will be peace, progress, growth, and development.

We can then begin to look at our tourism from a different perspective. Agro-carnival, improve upon our cultural carnival, developed our eco-tourism. We have all that it takes to make these happen and more.

We do not have to look at the big picture when these low-hanging fruits are staring at us. Maybe we were too busy doing other things and expecting great miracles, but I tell you, there is no miracle other than these.

I tell you, with God, all these things are possible

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