Why They Are Afraid Of Sen. Prince Otu.

By Edem Darlington

Recently there have been barrage of sponsored media attack against the nomination of Sen. Prince Bassey Otu as the consensus candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Cross River State.
The attackers, a disgruntled and timid few have been moving to and fro, typical of the defeated lucifer, seeking who to devour.

The ‘Not Cleared’ beer parlour gist about Sweet Prince is one of their various plots to further console themselves of their imminent failure. They wish for anything else, apart from facing Sweet Prince in the election.

These grabby and avaricious Individuals wants to purchase the consciences and will of our people with their questionable wealth. They choose to do that, to avoid meeting Sen. Otu at the field. Unfortunately, a snake that bites a tortoise will certainly have a bloody mouth.


Not satisfied with their effort to disqualify Sen. Otu from contesting the election, they found a certain Abdulahi Abubakar (not real name according to my findings) a meddlesome interloper, to gatecrash into the affairs of Cross River State. Don’t forget a non existent B.I Dakun with legal firm that is not traceable was also employed to write a fictitious petition against Sen Otu. Whatever these individuals have with our brothers from the north will be made known when it is day. However, that tissue of lie also fell on its face.

We know the CHRIS Brown that is singing a discordant tune for them to dance, and we will meet him in the field, then the masquerade will be unveiled. Unfortunately, this same CHRIS Brown is also singing his out of rhythm song for some journalists to enjoy, they have forgotten that he who sells sand as brown sugar will certainly receive stones as payment.

Prince Otu is a brick and it is difficult for a man to kick against the bricks. When the time comes, we will song the right song and CHRIS Brown will entertain us with a dance. For a man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished.

The emergence of Sen. Prince Otu is divine, it is an act of God and any man that fights grace will certainly face disgrace. God used governor Ben Ayade to give to our people the governor that they want and the governor that they deserve. And no one can stop a man whose time has come.

This is the first time in the political history of Cross River State that people came out on their own to support an aspirant without pressure or mobilization.
Ask around in the market square, streets and villages. You will hear from old and young, poor and rich about the timeliness of Sen. Otu’s candidature.

Let CHRIS Brown continue to sing, his shame and imminent defeat is nearer than he can imagine.

Edem Darlington is a Cross Riverian and a public affairs analyst.

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